Company Wills can help protect your business and its assets

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Like most sensible people, you will have written a will to distribute your personal estate but what about your business assets?

With more people becoming self-employed, the mixed fortunes of business and personal matters are ever more entwined.

Company Wills was established by Independent James’ principal, James Carter to protect your company’s viability and allow you to grow your business and have peace of mind.

Do I need business cover?

Even if you aren’t planning on leaving or selling your company, having a long-term plan in place can give you the focus to concentrate on what you do best, doing business.

With 17 years industry experience James believes busy entrepreneurs should be able to grow their business whilst having the appropriate cover in place to protect their profit, the value of their business, and ensure the continued smooth running of your company.

Business cover is about managing risk

You can ensure the continuation of your company by protecting key people and maintaining their health. We can help with a succession plan that can protect your cash flow and cover any liabilities. We can help you manage your company’s risk.

Maintaining business relationships, staff morale and turnover can be achieved with simple planning.

"Protecting my business allows me to plan for the future with confidence."

J Waller, Managing Director, SCI, London

How does business cover work?

Your company is our client. Cover is available for all types of company; sole traders, LLP’s, partnerships and limited companies.

Protecting your share in the company by having a succession plan in place will safeguard all that you are working for now.

Company Wills can help you set up tailored articles, trusts and option agreements. This will mean your share in the company will end up in the right hands and your beneficiaries will be compensated appropriately, in a tax efficient manner.

Please contact us for a free initial consultation or visit our Company Wills website for further information.



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