Commercial funding for your business

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Commercial property finance is a specialist, but growing area. As many of our clients have expanded their businesses, we have expanded our commercial finance service to help support their needs.

Because we’re independent we’ve been able to build excellent relationships within the commercial finance lending arms of major banks, new lenders and challenger banks.

Find out about commercial loans

If you are looking for finance to purchase the premises from which your business operates, then a commercial mortgage may be an option.

If you already own your business premises and you are looking to refinance, maybe you need funds for expansion, then we can help you with your refinance needs. We can help you look at ways of getting a more competitive loan or one with different repayment terms.

Can I get a commercial loan?

Recent trends and developments in peer-to-peer lending have opened up more options for business owners looking for short term and longer term borrowing.

As a result many traditional lenders have upped their game and there is now a much greater choice of rates and repayment terms.

Do I need a commercial mortgage or loan?

Property investors may also need to access financing for redevelopment projects, properties with a mixed commercial and residential use, houses in multiple occupation (HMO) or a converted property where lending is available on the freehold title.

What about bridging loans?

We can also arrange bridging finance, which is a short term loan secured on a property. It comes with a much higher rate of interest than a standard mortgage but allows for the swift completion of a purchase.

A bridging loan can also help fund an unmortgageable property and can help plug a finance gap and therefore stop a purchase falling through.

About bridging loans and buy to let

There has been recent innovation in this space too, with several lenders offering a Bridge-to-Let option for clients purchasing rental property to refurbish.

In most cases rates and fees are determined on an individual basis

Finance companies are very keen for these types of loans and interest rates have come down with these low funding costs conditions.

Find out how Independent James can help with your commercial loan

Independent James has been working with specialist and mainstream lenders across the market to access commercially viable rates for our clients.

Our long-standing relationship means we can offer competitive fees and terms on an interest only or repayment basis.

And as an independent broker we can work with the commercial finance departments of all major banks, all new lenders and the challenger banks.

"They have saved us a great deal of money, the hassle of shopping around and being pestered by irritating sales calls."

Mr A Tucker, London

If you would like to enquire about commercial funding please contact us for a free initial consultation.



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