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Your home and its contents are often your most valuable financial assets. It is therefore important to protect them against incidents that can potentially destroy or severely damage them. Buildings and Contents Insurance provides this type of cover. There are many different aspects of cover and you need advice here, as many of the cheap policies are certainly not good value. It is imperative to have a quality policy that will pay-out in the event of a claim and is not just the cheapest on the list. 

Buildings insurance covers damage to your home as a result of a wide range of events including fire, storm, flood, subsidence, theft and escape of water. Policies cover the costs of works carried out to repair or reinstate the damaged parts of your buildings up to the sum insured following a valid claim. If you were to turn your house upside down and shake it, those items that remain are those covered by buildings insurance. Lenders require Buildings Insurance as a condition of providing a mortgage as it protects their security as well as yours. It is crucial that your cover meets the lenders criteria and we would ensure this is the case.

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Mr A Candlish, Kent

 Contents insurance covers loss or damage to your household goods and personal items resulting from a wide range of events including fire, smoke damage, malicious damage, storms, floods, subsidence, theft and escape of water.   

You can choose Accidental Damage, which covers visible damage that has not been caused deliberately. Personal Possessions covers belongings normally worn or carried such as clothing, baggage and personal effects. We can even cover iPhones here! These items are insured in the home and when away from the home.  Care is advised, as under many policies, portable items are not covered under contents insurance. 

There are other cover options; home emergency and legal expenses being most common. Crucially, we assess the quality of the available contracts as well as the cost. We believe Value is more important than price. We do obviously still research on price as this is increasingly important with recent increases in Insurance Premium Tax.

Such a wide range of options make advice vital; why not send us through your renewal quote or Contact us for a personal illustration and remember the cheapest does not equal best value. 



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