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The financial services industry, like many other industries, is subject to strict regulation. Which is of course necessary to protect consumers.

The FSA began to regulate mortgages in October 2004. This day, known as M Day, along with other important events, such as the Mortgage Market Review in 2014 and the Retail Distribution Review changed how mortgages were sold.

Why we specialise in mortgages

In fact many advisers and even banks simply stopped arranging mortgages because of the complexity of advice and the complexity of products.

This is why Independent James specialises in mortgages.

By offering a specialised service we are able to build relationships with lenders - whether mainstream or specialist. More importantly we are better able to support our clients and find them the deal they need.

We are also able to build relationships with other independent financial advisers who specialise in pensions and investments and with other specialist financial professions such as accountants and solicitors.

This means you will very rarely hear us say: "Sorry, I can't help. Goodbye!"

Being able to help you along the way towards specific, tailored financial advice from a number of different connections and trusted sources.

By specialising in these areas, the key aim is that it enables you to receive more tailored, specific and high quality independent advice.

"They have consistently provided great service and helped us to achieve our desired outcomes."

Mrs V El-Jazouli, Leicestershire

Contact us for assistance in any area of financial services and visit our holistic planning section for examples of areas in which Independent James can provide you with a push in the right direction!



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Like many other industries, financial services are subject to vastly increased regulation and supervision for consumer...