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Private Medical Insurance facilitates private health care in the event of medical attention being required. This allows you and your family to obtain treatment promptly, conveniently and allows access to advanced treatment options.   

The initial referral is generally via your GP. Once referred, you are then on a fast-track basis for acute cases that may have dragged on otherwise. You can receive direct care from a specialist consultant, within a high-quality private clinic and hospital accommodation.   

At Independent James, we offer cover from a wide range of insurers, all of whom offer different benefits appropriate to you. We use technical research programmes to compare the benefits of each insurer, compare cover limits and consider how your own individual health fits in with these. 

"Knowing I have access to quality care is reassuring and comforting."

C Brown, Director, Stray Cat Communications, Berkshire

There is a dizzying array of options available, in terms of both cost and the differing aspects of these policies. You can choose to increase your cover with additions, for example dental and optical cover, or reduce your cover by selecting an option such as reduced out-patient cover. Excesses can be applied to reduce cost.  

All in all, you have a lot of choice and flexibility to get the cover you want at the right price for you. As previously stated, we believe Value is more important than price. We do obviously still research on price and this can be increasingly important with recent increases in Insurance Premium Tax.

As well as the core cover and services you would expect from a private medical policy, many insurers offer customers access to a Private GP and Stress Counselling helplines. A number of insurers employ preventive measures, helping you to stay healthy with half-price access to a range of Health and Fitness Clubs, bonuses for the purchase of healthy food and wellbeing activity discounts. Most also offer a no claim discount.  Even if you have an existing policy and simply want this reviewed, we can do so at no additional cost to you. We can assist with claims, renewals and employee changes for company schemes. 

Please do contact us for a competitive illustration and to find the right solution for you.



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