The bedrock of your financial plans

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All of your future planning and aspirations assume your continued good health and longevity.  However, these plans may not come to fruition in the event of death or serious illness to either yourself or a member of your family.    

Many people fail to realise the paucity of benefits available to them in the unfortunate event of the worst happening. Our industry has been warned not to use ‘Shock Tactics’ to try and ‘sell’ financial protection to consumers, however debate is essential.  The Aviva / Downton Abbey advertisements for instance, whipped up a maelstrom of opinion.   

"I have used IJ for insurance products for the past four years and they are brilliant to work with especially taking on loads of the leg work."

Mr A Candlish, Kent

We all know somebody whose life has been severely and adversely affected by illness, either their own or that of a loved one. In many cases, this can be avoided by a simple and cost-effective protection policy.  Providing a lump sum to repay your mortgage in the event of death is the bedrock for most people but this should be just the start. 

Best practice in Financial Planning entails advice starting with Financial Protection. It would be remiss of us to do otherwise and advisers have had claims made against them for not doing so. This may be protecting your assets, your home, your family or your income. I personally find it ludicrous that some people will insure their pet or mobile phone before themselves.   

You require independent advice to ensure your protection arrangements are a help, not a hindrance. Constantly changing legislation in this area requires specialist knowledge and advice.  For instance, is your Life Insurance policy held in Trust? 

You can find out much more information regarding financial protection in our free ‘Guide to Protecting Your Financial Plan’ here and we are always happy to discuss this with you.

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