Understanding that not all income streams are the same

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We realise the varied nature of your work, and more importantly working hours, can make the simplest of tasks difficult to undertake. We will aim to minimise these time pressures for you, liaising with all your professional contacts, the Mortgage Company, solicitors and estate agents where appropriate.

You can focus on winning work and we realise sometimes you do not always know where the next piece of work is coming from; in fact I have been in meetings where film budgets have been pulled there and then, making for interesting discussions! As ever, affordability in the long term is key for clients with variable income and it is important not to overstretch yourself.

"They have always managed to provide a range of options, even working around difficult situations."

Mr P Woodward, London

A great deal of our work involves finding out more about your specific circumstances; both on a financial and personal level. We also spend a lot of time liaising with mortgage companies, building relationships with them and ensuring they understand your situation. We can directly coordinate with your accountant, to gain a clear understanding of your income stream(s).

We understand your income streams can be varied. We often see clients with both a limited company and sole trader income. Or a number of short term PAYE contracts. Or switching between PAYE and sole trader income. We know the appropriate lenders for you, having spent years attuning our experience and expertise in these areas. You may also benefit from an Offset Mortgage that can be suitable for variable income clients and we can also discuss interest only options where appropriate.

Upon obtaining the best mortgage possible for you (making use of the latest independent research technology), we would also address the importance of the need for appropriate and effective Protection.

You can see examples in our case studies section and please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your options. You may be surprised; we can be pretty creative ourselves!



We realise the varied nature of your work, and more importantly working hours, can make the simplest of tasks difficult to...



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