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In recent years there has been a shift towards people contracting, with the format allowing flexible working arrangements and often the opportunity for increased earnings. Many clients are now working via a Limited Company / Umbrella arrangement which again can work well. We would look at every option for assessing your circumstances and the best way to present your income to a lender.

That can involve assessing your contracting history, be it looking at your day rate or alternatively looking at you as a Self Employed individual. Whether you are contracting in Law, I.T., Finance or the Creative Industries, we can comprehensively and efficiently source the best rates for you from the whole of the market.

"They go above and beyond to keep you informed and walk you through these processes to get the best deals/outcomes for you."

Miss K Pentecost, London

You may be surprised to hear we can even source mortgages for clients with only 1 year’s history in the contracting arena. Whether you are operating via a Limited Company, Sole Trader or PAYE, we can source the best options for you. We can even obtain competitive rates if you have a mixture of all these forms of employment.

We have established relationships with Mortgage Companies that allow us to access favourable underwriting terms for you. Low deposit schemes are also available for you if you are contracting and have a strong credit history.

Upon obtaining the best mortgage possible for you (utilising the latest independent research technology), we would also address the importance of the need for appropriate and effective Protection – which we can arrange in a tax efficient manner.

We work with a number of accountants who provide a personalised service, are able to advise around IR35 issues and looking at the most tax efficient ways for you to operate. We have strong relationships with a number of solicitors who can assist with contract disputes; you can read more information in our Associates section.

Regardless of your situation, we will do our utmost to provide the best advice for you. Contact us for an initial consultation at our expense.



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In recent years there has been a shift towards people contracting, with the format allowing flexible working arrangements and often...


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