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Here at Independent James we can provide you with the most suitable advice to maximise your profit potential in a tight rental market. It is well known that landlords are a prudent bunch, so it is our position to prove our worth to you with our service based proposition. We can help advise you regarding recent income tax changes and SDLT increases.

Demand remains high in the rental market, particularly in London, driven by the increase in single occupancy, changing demographics, the inability of debt laden first time buyers to climb onto the ladder and immigration into the global UK economy. The tightening of lending criteria and price increases has also led to a number of people being unable to purchase and thus continuing to rent. 

"They have a wealth of knowledge and expertise and have played a vital role in making my property business successful!"

Mr S Patel, London

It is still vital to take account of all expenses and possible interest rate rises. We can assist you with any calculations to ensure you are not relying upon capital growth for profit. Increasingly we have seen tighter underwriting in the investment property market, particularly on rental tests. Is buying via a Limited Company the solution? We can help you look at the options.

Traditionally buy to lets are not based on your personal income but this can sometimes be used to sway a lending decision your way and even obtain better interest rates. Lenders are increasingly insistent on a minimum income requirement and some will even stress test your whole portfolio against your personal income. If you are an ‘accidental landlord’ or inherited a property you may also be regarded as a Consumer Landlord, meaning further scrutiny.

Not only do we use up to date technology to source you the best deals but also operate with a number of third party providers to obtain exclusive deals and reduced fees for you. This can be especially prevalent in the complex Commercial market where we have built solid relationships with a number of contacts.     

Independent James can help you increase your profitability and get the job done quickly and efficiently for you. 


First-time buyers

Speed is of the essence in the purchase process and quite often can be a determinant factor for you in obtaining your dream property.



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Here at Independent James we can provide you with the right advice to maximise your profit potential in a tight rental market. It is well...



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